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Did you know, there are an estimated 1.5 BILLION people who have not heard of Jesus? This is a problem, and with your help,


The Prayer People was established in 2011 and we are on the front line of sharing the Gospel through technology. Right now, hundreds of people are getting saved each month, and with your continual financial support, we can turn this into hundreds and thousands of people PER DAY! Over the years, our management team at The Prayer People has developed a highly effective method of sharing the Gospel through a series of targeted messages that gets delivered straight to the unreached people groups! That's right, we believe that "technology" is just another term for "opportunity ".

As an organization, we have had a tremendous impact on people across the world! We not only want to tell people about God, but we also want to support them on their daily journey as a Christian.Our website has tools to help anyone grow in Christ;these tools include RSS feeds to audio sermons, daily devotionals, an online Bible, and even links to an online Christian radio. Since we also believe prayer is an extremely important part of someone's life, we enabled anyone to create an account and submit their own prayer requests, as well as pray for others! This will help form an international praying community!

In an effort to reach those who do not have access to the internet, or simply speak a different language, we've started opening branches in other countries with local volunteers who can share The Gospel on behalf of The Prayer People. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to not only tell others about Jesus, but also help them maintain a relationship with Him!